6 Advantages of blogging

Being an entrepreneur for past five years and have been a techie in the web and digital marketing arena for sixteen years, I always wanted to share my knowledge, experience, thoughts, thinking, and the journey itself with the world. Not because I have reached the peak and have achieved everything, rather as like others, my journey so far is a unique and incomparable with others as we are all born diverse, and our stories are different.

Better late than never, this time I am trying to give a sincere effort to blogging, and in the process have realized five striking advantages of blogging.

1. A thought leader in the making

Your thoughts can influence others. Your solution can fix others problems.  You can be a motivator in some other life. Share your mind; there is no guarantee that your write-ups are perceived, and your views are acknowledged. There can be thousands of blogs already being written on the same topic, but still, the way you analyze the issue, and your viewpoint are unique and different from others. Your standpoint can stand out.

2. Improve your vocabulary and writing skills

Blogging has an advantage that you constantly keep improving your vocabulary, looking for creative ways to put your sentence across, searching for new words and overall gaining command over the language you prefer blogging. Frequent blogging will make you rich with words and usage whereby it becomes easier for you to write on any subject effortlessly.

3. Utilization of time

Cultivating the habit of blogging can help you utilize your time efficiently. Primarily, blogging is a mind game and a thought process which cannot alone be done sitting at your desk.  An idea can pop up while you are driving, jogging at the park, buying grocery at the store or even when you are taking a bath. Be receptive to the thoughts and try to remember and make a short note of them. Later you can work on the expanded version which will consume less time as you are ready with all the resources and inputs.

4. Build your online presence and branding

Sharing your thoughts through writing blogs will boost your online presence and can create a unique brand identity for yourself. You will be having your loyal base of followers which mostly depends on the content you share and how helpful it is to them. If you can produce quality content which can help people one or the other way, you are rest assured to be a familiar figure online.

5. Turn your blog into money making machine

No wonder people have made millions by just blogging. Generating revenue through the blog is not everyone’s cup of tea. Your time spent on blogging is not worth fetching money if you are not solving people’s problems. To make money through blogging, you need to have a multiplying follower base who see you as a point of resource to their problems.

6. Accept critics, embrace applauds and grow strong

Not all posts you share will be criticized, neither, not all posts are appreciated and welcomed. You can realize the impact of your posts only when it’s conferred to the audience for their assessment. You will be praised for sharing your valuable thoughts which will boost your confidence to write more posts, which is a positive thing to take out. At the same time, you are scrutinized. The way you perceive the critics will make you grow strong. Taking the criticism in a positive way has more impact than getting appreciated.

Above are my personal views and reasons for me to start blogging. Hope these views may even hold good for others to blog as well. Please share and comment. Let me know what your thoughts are.


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